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M-TEC Heat Pumps UK

Energy Wizard 4-25kw

The Energy Wizard 4-25kW with Plug & Play for easy installation, commissioning and maintenance.

  • Efficiency of up to 98.6%

  • Up to 32A PV input current and up to 3 MPP trackers

  • 10% continuous extra power of the AC output

  • More operating hours due to low starting voltage

  • OLED display and app for configuration and data management

  • Compact size and elegant appearance

  • Combinable with M- TEC Energy Butler

  • Low operating noise

M-TEC Energy Wizard

The M-TEC Energy Wizard is an All-in-one inverter, a smart hybrid energy storage system that turns solar panels into an all-day resource while offering backup power in the event of a grid outage. The Energy Wizard enables storage of renewable energy, allowing optimized home energy control and an increasing amount of total electricity production to come from renewable sources. 

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