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Energy Storage

Energy Butler...

M-TEC Energy Butler

The Energy Butler is an integrated inverter and battery system, which saves time during installation, reduces space required from individual components and provides a great looking solution.

The system is fully compatible with the M-TEC energy managment systems as well as Home Automation systems such as Loxone.

Energy Block...

The modular concept of the Energy Butler is not only suitable for family homes but can also be expanded for larger homes, companies or for multi-storey residential buildings up to 300 kWh using the Energy Block.

M-TEC Heat Pumps UK
M-TEC Heat Pumps UK

M-Tec battery systems offer some amazing solutions for home and commercial.

Utilising the M-Tec Energy Butler for domestic in both single phase and three phase 3-30 kWh with in-built inverter and Energy Block for commercial 80-400kWh.

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