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M-TEC Air Source Heat Pumps

M-TEC air source heat pumps are some of the most efficient and silent in operation available on the market, not to mention the key advantages of easy to use touchscreen controls, online capability allowing for installer monitoring and email alert.

All M-TEC heat pumps come with e-Smart, M-TEC's energy management system which provides control for solar PV, battery storage systems and heat pump, to provide optimum efficiency.

Austrian Air Source Heat pump
Ground Source heat pumps

Water Source Heat Pumps

M-TEC water source heat pumps are exceptionally efficient in operation and if you have groundwater available at a suitable depth and in sufficient quantity, you have an excellent source of heat. The temperature is constantly between 7 and 12 ° C.

Thanks to the constant temperature of the groundwater, you can achieve the highest levels of efficiency even at the lowest outside temperatures.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Using our quality M-TEC ground source heat pumps you can save as much as 50% on your current heating costs, our units have a proven COP efficiency of 5.8 and are rated at the top of thier class.

The M-TEC heat pump range of ground source units work with a wide range of heat sources, including; Geothermal probes, Ground Collectors (inc direct evaporators) and PVT systems.

Water Source heat pumps
PVT Heat Pump
PVT Heat Pump

PVT Heat Pumps

M-TEC PVT heat pumps work using the power of Solar Thermal as the heat pumps source, this means that instead of having a costly ground loop array or bore hole setup, you can utilise your roof space.

Another benefit when using PVT is that the same solar panel will generate electricity which can be used to power the heat pump or your home, maximising the roof space.

Solar Inverters

The M-TEC Energy Wizard is a stand alone Solar inverter, available in single phase and three phase and is available unto 50kw.

Solar Inverter

Energy Battery systems

The modular concept of the Energy Butler is perfect for domestic and commercial properties. It provides an all in one inverter and battery storage system in one neat efficient package.

The integrated inverter saves time during installation, reduces space required from individual components and provides a great looking solution.

Its big brother the Energy Block can also cover all commercial applications with many of the same benefits.

M-TEC Heat Pumps UK
M-TEC Heat Pumps UK

M-Tec battery systems offer some amazing solutions for home and commercial.

Utilising the M-Tec Energy Butler for domestic in both single phase and three phase 3-30 kWh with in-built inverter and Energy Block for commercial 80-400kWh.

EV Chargers

M-TEC's range of EV chargers is growing constantly with the latest Energy Performance and Energy Commercial we are able to cover all sorts of EV requirements.

Other great products...

M-TEC has a huge additional range of products to support the stars! Some of the additional products consist of the Energy monitor system which ties all sorts of products together, the Energy Heater which will switch on certain loads in the event of excess electricity and the Energy Back-up which allows systems to operate totally off grid, along with many more!

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